Week 4 Saturday

More Than Words Today’s scripture selection: Romans 7-8 Key verses: Romans 8:26-27 It’s become popular in recent years, among some Christians, to put a favorite Bible reference on their car’s license plate – a sort of “vanity plate for Christ.” I don’t have a problem with that – in fact, I’ve been led on more… Continue reading Week 4 Saturday

Week 4 Friday

Who’s Who Today’s scripture selection: Isaiah 18-22 Key verses: Isaiah 19:11        It’s often said, “It’s not what you know; it’s who you know.”  While that may be somewhat true – especially in the worlds of business and politics – an ancient prophet named Isaiah begs to differ.      Back in his own day… Continue reading Week 4 Friday

Week 4 Thursday

Letting It All Hang Out Today’s scripture selection: Job 7-8 Key verses: Job 7:11      To say Job was frustrated is the definition of understatement.  He was crushed, defeated, angry, hurt, isolated, and just plain exhausted.  And his so-called friends, sent to “comfort” him only offered, at best, platitudes – and at worst, condemnation.  No… Continue reading Week 4 Thursday

Week 4 Wednesday

Don’t Panic Today’s scripture selection: Psalms 9-11 Key verses: Psalm 11:1 Ever feel like running for the hills? I know I do. But, thanks to God, it doesn’t happen often.  In a world that seems to be running at an ever more frantic pace, I am reminded of today’s advice from the Psalms: “In the… Continue reading Week 4 Wednesday

Week 4 Tuesday

Dragging Our Feet Today’s scripture selection: Joshua 16-20 Key verses: Joshua 18:3           When was the last time there was something you knew you should do; perhaps you had a clear sense that God was calling you to do it – but you still weren’t doing it?  That can easily happen in our lives.… Continue reading Week 4 Tuesday

Week 4 Monday

Stage by Stage Today’s scripture selection: Genesis 12-15 Key verse: Genesis 12:9        He was seventy-five years old when he left his homeland: not a great time in life to begin a road trip.      But Abram, who would one day be known as Abraham – the father of a multitude – did what… Continue reading Week 4 Monday

Week 4 Sunday

Believe It or Not Today’s scripture selection: Matthew 8-9 Key verse: Matthew 9:35-38      The stories roll on, one after another, building in intensity.  A leper is healed; a tormented servant finds relief; a family member of one of the inner circle is restored to health; fierce storm waves are stilled; sins are forgiven; devils… Continue reading Week 4 Sunday

Week 3 Saturday

Peace and Progress Today’s scripture selection: Romans 5-6 Key verses: Romans 5:1-5      The Christian life is a two-sided coin. On the one side, we have been given a gift, pure and simple.  God’s grace-filled love comes to us, not because we have earned it; not because we are good enough; not because we are… Continue reading Week 3 Saturday

Week 3 Friday

A Well Full of Grace Today’s scripture selection: Isaiah 12-17 Key verses: Isaiah 12:2-3      It may seem like an odd place to find it.  In the midst of prophetic doom and gloom, chapter after chapter of condemnation, comes a word of hope and grace.      “Surely God is my salvation; I will trust and… Continue reading Week 3 Friday

Week 3 Thursday

Some Lessons Hurt Today’s scripture selection: Job 5-6 Key verses: Job 5:17-18      It’s a cliché with which we are all familiar: A father stands before his child, preparing to discipline him, and he says “This is going to hurt me more than it hurts you, but….”  And whether or not the discipline is a… Continue reading Week 3 Thursday