Week 5 Thursday

The Mediator

Today’s scripture selection: Job 9-10

Key verses: Job 9:33

    “If only there were someone to mediate between us,             someone to bring us together….”

     With those words, Job lamented the fact that he felt incapable of fully pleading his case before God.  Although he couldn’t help but pour out his questions and his frustration, he felt he needed someone to speak on his behalf before the incomparable power of God.

     Maybe you have sometimes felt equally inadequate.  We reflect on how great and powerful Almighty God is; how holy – and we think – how can I, “little old me,” bring my concerns before one such as this?

     But part of the good news of the gospel is that we can do just that.  The Bible speaks of being able to approach the throne of grace without fear.  Put another way, there is nothing that is so terrible; so unacceptable; so dark or embarrassing that we can’t bring it before God.  And, just for the record, God already knows about it anyway – that’s what those big, five-dollar theological words mean – “omnipresent” and “omniscient” – all seeing; all knowing.  So don’t think you can hide anything in the first place.

     Isn’t it wonderful then to know that we can come to this holy God, pour out our souls, and know that grace will cover any inadequacies we have – no matter how great?  That is, if we admit them.

     Not only can we come before God in trust, we need not go alone.  Jesus speaks of the Holy Spirit, the comforter, the Advocate, who intercedes on our behalf.  So the mediator Job sought – in fact, he was already there – because his God, though momentarily silent, was not unresponsive to his needs and his pain.

     So when you think about how “awesome” God is – know this – so is His incomparable grace. Come to Him, holding back nothing.  He understands.  And you will find an Advocate there, helping you, to plead your case – whatever it is – before the God who loves you more than you can imagine.


Prayer:  Awesome, holy God, I come before you in reverence and awe – but not fear – for I trust in your love and grace.    AMEN.




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