Week 8 Tuesday

Power From Above

Today’s scripture selection: Judges 12-16

Key verses: Judges 14:5-7

There are some biblical characters that are so memorable that even those who know little about the faith know about them.  Samson is one such man.

Ask about Samson and you are likely to hear some vague recollection of a sort of biblical Arnold Schwarzenegger.  Samson was the original tough guy – the kind that could put John Wayne or Clint Eastwood to shame.  Everybody knows about Samson’s legendary strength.

What most don’t think about, or even know, is that the Bible makes it clear from where that legendary strength came:

“…and the Spirit of the Lord came mightily upon him.”

The source of Samson’s great power – sometimes used for righteous purposes; sometimes sorely misused – was God.

As much as the book of Judges likes to tell of mighty warriors, it’s main purpose is much more than just to impress people with dramatic tales.  It’s to remind us, in no uncertain terms, that people who aligned with God’s purposes have an extraordinary resource available to them; and those who out of alignment – well, their eventual doom is certain.

Even if it seems at times like the wrong characters have the upper hand, eventually those who can call upon the “Spirit of the Lord” will prevail.

So, you may not think you are a heavyweight like Samson or Arnold Schwarzenegger.  You may think the Duke, or Clint Eastwood, have all the fast moves.  But don’t forget – a little prayer – and you can find extraordinary strength as well.

Just remember – it doesn’t come from inside you – it comes from God.  And nobody beats Him.

Prayer: Almighty God, I praise you and acknowledge your incomparable strength.  May I apply that strength to my daily calling, for your glory. AMEN.

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