Week 9 Sunday

Today’s scripture selection: Matthew 23-25

Key verses: Matthew 24:35


     As Jesus made his way toward Jerusalem, and the fulfillment of his destiny, it became painfully clear what was to come.

     There would be suffering, and hardship, and conflict – there would be death – before there could be resurrection.  In the coming days, his friends would try to persuade him otherwise – but Jesus knew what had to happen – and he “set his face” toward the city with grim determination.

     But even while their world, their hope for a new kingdom seemed to be falling apart around them, Jesus also had those extraordinary words of comfort for his followers:

“Heaven and earth will pass away, but my words will never pass away.”

     Those are words that we can hold on to in our own uncertain and sometimes very dark times.

  • What the world calls permanent and immovable, we know to be as only transitory.
  • What the world calls security, we know to be false promises.
  • What the world calls success, we know pales in comparison to real, eternal meaning
  • What the world calls important, we know must be kept in proper perspective – seen from a “heavenly” point of view.

Heaven and earth will pass away – but the word of God stands firm forever.

So, don’t let the ups and downs of the “market” rattle your cage.  Don’t let the media soothsayers or analysts weigh your spirit down with their doom and gloom predictions.

Yes, the times are changing – and the darkness on the horizon – it is real.  But so are the light and love and promise and grace of Almighty God.

That’s how it has always been.  That’s how it will always be.


Prayer:  Heavenly Father, help me to keep a heavenly perspective on life – and so find hope.  AMEN.




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