Week 10 Wednesday

Hurry Up and Wait

Today’s scripture selection: Psalms 27-29

Key verses: Psalm 27:14

“Wait for the Lord; be strong and take heart and wait for the Lord.”

     There are times when we are called to take immediate, decisive action.  We are clear what we have to do – and we do it.  These are the times when old slogans like “you snooze you lose” make a lot of sense.  And these are the times when, even if we are a little anxious about the outcome, we know we can’t afford to hesitate.

     Then there are the times when, for one reason or another, we feel paralyzed.  Not only are we unsure about answers – we aren’t even clear if we are asking the right questions.  We feel uncertain; confused; maybe even alone.  These are the waiting times of our lives.

     They can be unnerving to say the least.

     But scripture reminds us that sometimes waiting isn’t an obstacle – it’s an important component of what comes next.

David knew about waiting.  Anointed king at sixteen; he didn’t actually rule until he was thirty.  During those “waiting” years – he was literally chased through the desert by his enemies.  Then, once on the throne, his own son rebelled against him.  Where was the blessing often promised by God to this “man after God’s own heart”?  Some of it was waylaid by David’s own sins.  But some, well, it couldn’t easily be explained.  More questions – more waiting.

Our own lives, though not as dramatic, can be peppered with similar times of questions and uncertainty.

That’s when we should take David’s words to heart:

“…be strong…take heart…wait for the Lord.”

It’s not easy to do.  But it may be part of God’s plan – and as such, an essential time of preparation or learning or rest or – who knows?

So, if you find yourself waiting – just take a deep breath and allow it to happen.  God hasn’t forgotten about you – and will provide the answers you need – in due time.


Prayer: Lord, give me patience when it is necessary to just wait.  AMEN. 










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