Week 11 Sunday

A Solitary Place

Today’s scripture selection: Mark 1-2

Key verse: Mark 1:35


     I have always loved the fact that in Mark’s gospel, at the very beginning, we are told something important about Jesus.  At the start of his ministry, even while he is confronting evil and healing people, he takes time to withdraw.

     He doesn’t withdraw because he is overwhelmed or afraid.  He isn’t intimidated by the magnitude of the need before him.  He’s not turning to the expectant crowds; his first disciples, and having second thoughts.

     No – we are told that “very early in the morning, while it was still dark,” Jesus gets up and steals away to a “solitary place.”  Why?  He has gone to pray.

     What!?  God incarnate on His knees?  The Word made flesh bowing in humility, asking for something from heaven?

     That’s exactly what happens.  He draws on power from His heavenly father so that he can meet whatever the day brings with power and grace.

     Of all the things we could learn from the Lord by the way he went about His holy business – this is surely one of the most important.

     He doesn’t do it on His own.  He doesn’t do it using the world’s strength or wisdom.  He doesn’t tell those who would follow in his footsteps, “Oh – you need to be sure and pray – of course I don’t need to do that.”

     No, the King of Kings and Lord of Lords begins His day, “very early in the morning, while it was still dark” on His knees.

     If Jesus thought it was that important – how about you?


Prayer: Heavenly Father, help me to start – and end – every day with you.  AMEN.







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