Week 11 Monday

From Bottom to Top

Today’s scripture selection: Genesis 40-43

Key verse: Genesis 41:39


     Joseph, the dreamer, had a roller coaster of a life.  Read his story in Genesis and it can make your head spin.

     From being his father’s favorite son; to being sold into slavery; then to living in royal splendor; to being falsely accused of rape and thrown in prison; then not only released, but returned to great power and prestige.  Whew!

     But what the scriptures are careful to point out is that whether Joseph was at the bottom or on top of the world – he trusted in God.

     It seems that from the beginning to the end God had great plans for this young man.  And, those plans had to do not just with his personal success – but with the future of a chosen people.

     How many of us can say that whether we are momentarily prospering or failing, we are sure God is at work in our lives?

     Invite God into your daily plans – even those which seem to go horribly wrong.  Remember what a powerful Pharaoh said to a young dreamer once:

 “Since God has made all this known to you, there is no one so discerning and wise as you.”

     Life may not always run smoothly – in fact it rarely does.  But when your decisions are guided by the loving, watchful eye of God – how far wrong can they go?


Prayer: Lord, whatever my circumstances, and whatever the questions, may I always turn to you for the answers.  AMEN.



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