Week 11 Thursday

It’s Not Fair

Today’s scripture selection: Job 21-22

Key verses: Job 21:7


     “Why do the wicked live on, growing old and increasing in power?”


     “It’s not fair” – three words that you’ve probably said now and then. I know I have.

     It is difficult, especially when you are, as far as you know,

  • Playing by the rules
  • Working hard
  • Trying to be honest
  • Trying to be fair
  • Be charitable
  • Be forgiving

All the kind of stuff the Bible talks about.

But still, the crooked politicians seem to prosper; the unscrupulous businesses make even more money than last year; and the media celebrates the very last ones that you want your kids to emulate.

Well, this problem has been around a long, long time.  Job knew all about it – and complained about too.

The fact is, “it” isn’t fair.  We live in a broken world, scarred by human sinfulness.  To put it in the terms of Christian faith – we wouldn’t need a savior if everything, and everyone, was perfect.  But not only is the world not perfect, it doesn’t even come close.  What’s the answer?

Accept the world as it is.  Do your best to try and make it a little better in your corner of it.  Make small, but important differences in the lives of others.  Don’t give up and live a day at a time – on faith – and grace.

Sure, the wicked will seemingly prosper – for awhile.  And it isn’t fair.

But God has plans for his faithful children in due time.  And in the meantime – even in a broken world – He showers us with blessing time and again.


Prayer:  Lord, sometimes I get so discouraged by so much unfairness.  Strengthen me, give me hope, and help me to trust in better days – and you. AMEN.




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