Week 11 Friday


Today’s scripture selection: Isaiah 56-61

Key verses: Isaiah 61:1-4


     Hundreds of years before Jesus was born – the prophet Isaiah spoke of him.  And when Jesus began his public ministry, he quoted from the ancient scriptures in our passage today.

     They speak of good news for the oppressed; healing for the brokenhearted; freedom for captives.  Two thousand years later we are still taking comfort in that good news.

     And we need it, just as much as ever.

     For all the work of the politicians and social engineers; for all the preaching and protesting, people are still oppressed in many ways.

     That’s why it’s the personal and spiritual aspect of this passage that speaks the loudest to me.

     I believe that, despite humanity’s best efforts, poverty and injustice will long be with us.  There is no “perfect” society on the horizon.  No political party can offer it, despite all the promises. No TV psychologist or guru can solve the problem completely.

     But that does not mean we can’t experience freedom in a deep and full sense.

     While we may at times feel captive to our

  • Confusion
  • Fear
  • Frustration
  • And more

Christ comes offering us a peace that “passes all understanding” and the world simply doesn’t understand.

So celebrate your freedom – found in Christ.  It’s real and it’s lasting – no matter what the newscasters have to say.


Prayer: Lord, help me to be at peace, and be free from anxiety, even in a very troubled world.  AMEN.














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