Week 12 Thursday

Treasured Words

Today’s scripture selection: Job 23-24

Key verse: Job 23:12


     While Job was making his defense to those who accused him unjustly he said this:

     “I have not departed from the commands of his lips.  I have treasured the words of his mouth more than my daily bread.”

     Whose commands?  Whose words?  God’s of course.

     Despite his misery; despite all his questions – Job was rock-solid sure of one thing: he had been faithful to God’s words.  And, not only faithful, he had treasured those words.

     What words do most people “treasure”?

  • Words of praise
  • Words of commendation
  • Words of assurance
  • Words of promise

And what is the source of those words?  Is it family; friends; your boss; your employee’s?

What a contrast that is from the image of a man who, though broken in many ways, still is able to honestly say that God’s words mean more to him than the very “daily bread” that keeps him alive.

I read recently of how eighty-five percent of the homes in America own a Bible – and that, in fact, the average household in America has 4.3 Bibles on hand.    I’m not sure how statisticians compile such statistics – but if true – they are worth noting.  So is this: just because they are “on hand” doesn’t mean they are ever read.  That’s a shame.


     A long time ago a fellow named Job, in the midst of suffering, could proclaim God’s words meant to him more than his daily bread.  They were above all, the words he “treasured.”

     Can we say the same?


Prayer:  Lord, may your words be something I treasure, and try to follow, every day.  AMEN.






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