Week 13 Monday

A Father’s Blessing

Today’s scripture selection: Genesis 48-50

Key verses: Genesis 49:22-24


     At the very end of his life, Jacob spoke of what would become of his children.  In short, he gave them both warning and blessing.

     When he came to Joseph, who had lived a turbulent life, but also been richly blessed by God along the way, he had much to say.

     He reminded Joseph that God’s hand had indeed been upon him.  And though he had certainly had enemies with which to contend (even at times in his own family) – God had been faithful.  And he told Joseph God would continue to be faithful.

     What greater blessing could this father have given his adult son, now with children of his own?

     When we feel overwhelmed; when we feel embattled on all sides it is good to remember that God is faithful.

     So often we feel it is “up to us”

  • to have all the answers
  • to fight all the battles
  • to provide for the future for ourselves and our family, totally according to our abilities and “skill set”

But time and again scripture reminds us that God is faithful and provide for us – if only we are faithful to Him.

So, when you need a blessing or two, don’t look for the lottery or your boss or your friends or even your family to take care of things.

Turn to God – turn to your heavenly “father” – and receive His blessing.  He’s happy to give it to you – his beloved child.

Prayer: Heavenly Father, thank you the blessing of your counsel and your love.  AMEN.



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