Week 14 Monday

Who, Me?

Today’s scripture selection: Exodus 1-3

Key verse: Exodus 3:11

But Moses said to God, “Who am I that I should go to Pharaoh and bring the Israelites out of Egypt?”


     There’s been a fair amount said in recent years about how God has a plan for everyone’s life; that we should live a “Purpose Driven Life” and so on.  And I agree.  I think it only makes sense that the God who knows us and loves us more than we can fully imagine has a plan – or at least a deep desire – for us to live out.

     It’s just that sometimes, when we do hear God’s call, there is this one small obstacle to overcome.  It’s out tendency to respond – as a shepherd named Moses once did –

     “Who, me?”


     We stumble upon God – upon a holy moment of opportunity – we hear a still small voice; or simply have a gut feeling – and there you are.  The moment of decision has come.  Will we answer the “call” or not?

     And, in fact, I think such calls come not just once but many times, in many different circumstances, throughout our lives.  Our journey is made up of one opportunity after another: to be faithful, or not.

     And the human part of us; the anxious part of us wants to slow down and think it over again.

     Well, sometimes, reflection – especially prayer reflection – is just the right thing to do.

     But other times, we need to simply answer the call – on faith.  And get moving.

     Moses, when called to rescue his people in God’s name, had lots of excuses.  But God didn’t let him off the hook.  He simply reassured Moses that he wouldn’t be alone in the process and told him to get on with it.  And the rest, as they say, is history.

     How about it?  Is God calling today?  If so, don’t answer “Who, me?”  Just get on with it.  And make a little bit of your own history.

Prayer: Lord, lead me, from holy ground to holy action, in your name.  AMEN.





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