Week 14 Tuesday

After God’s Own Heart

Today’s scripture selection: First Samuel 16-20

Key verse: First Samuel 18:12

From the very beginning – David, God’s chosen, had enemies.

Anointed by Samuel, this shepherd boy who was destined to be king had to contend with those both in and outside the kingdom that wanted him dead.  Not the least of the challenges he faced was the odd relationship he had with the sitting king – Saul.

Read the long, sordid history and you find that though clearly “anointed” by God – his path was far from easy or clearly defined.

And, his own spiritual demons would plague him as well.

Still, he is known to this day as “a man after God’s own heart.”

One of the lessons I take from that is that we can be a child of God; a faithful follower; a member of the kingdom and still have major obstacles in life.

Being called does not mean you are perfect.

In fact, the more typical message of scripture is that God uses the weak, imperfect vessels among us to do His most spectacular work.

So don’t worry about your limitations or your past failings.

Don’t worry about those who would point out every flaw and every inconsistency and use it as an example of your un-worthiness.

Don’t fret over the fact that when you look in the mirror you see flaws.

God sees possibility.  God sees a potential man or woman “after God’s own heart.”

And that means – miracles can happen.

Prayer: Heavenly Father, thank you for seeing past my imperfections and calling me to You as one of your own.  Use me to your glory.  AMEN.

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