Week 15 Sunday

Just a Kid

Today’s scripture selection: Mark 9-10

Key verse: Mark 10:15

 “Truly I tell you, anyone who will not receive the kingdom of God like a little child will never enter it.”


     In Jesus’ days lots of people thought children were a blessing.  Many also thought that these little “blessings” were better “seen and not heard.”  I suppose there are some who still think that today.

     But not Jesus: He welcomed them – embraced them – readily blessed them.  And he did even more.  He used them as an example of what we must be like if we would like to enter the kingdom of heaven.

     Imagine that.  Just a kid – no one powerful; no one influential; no one particularly knowledgeable about how the world works – that – is the one we are to somehow emulate.

     It confused a lot of people.  And it still does.

     But I have always loved the fact that Christ selected the least powerful and most vulnerable among us to use as a living illustration of kingdom living at its best.

     Anyone who has worked with children and loved it knows what Jesus is talking about.

  • The innocence
  • The trust
  • The sense of humor
  • The sense of wonder
  • The willingness to love openly
  • The unashamed desire to be loved
  • And a thousand other qualities, not the least is the imagination to dream that heaven and God are real

This is what we can see in the kids around us.  And, when we are at our best, we share some of these same character traits.

And, according to Jesus, such childlike faith is no less than a ticket to paradise.  Imagine that.


Prayer: Lord, give me childlike faith, and perfect trust.  AMEN.






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