Week 15 Tuesday

A Golden Opportunity

Today’s scripture selection: First Samuel 21-25

Key verse: First Samuel 24:19

It was a golden opportunity.

David had a chance to kill the man who was pursuing him – a man he knew wanted him dead – King Saul.

But he didn’t take it.  Though he crept up behind him, so close he could literally cut a piece of Saul’s robe from him, he didn’t do it.  His sword stayed in its place.

Later, that act of unexpected mercy caused Saul to turn from pursuing the man he was determined to destroy.

An important lesson.

We all have our own “golden opportunities” –

  • To do harm or good
  • To get our revenge or let it go
  • To prove we are “right”
  • To prove we are smarter, or more clever
  • To get our way
  • To destroy or give our adversary – real or imagined – another chance.

It’s not easy to choose the right way.  It never is.  But, if we listen to that “still small voice” of our conscience – it’s usually clear.

Justice or mercy.  Win or walk away.

One of those golden opportunities might just come today.

Which will it be?

Prayer: Lord, show me how to be merciful, just as you are merciful with me.  AMEN.

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