Week 16 Tuesday

Be Careful Whom You Ask

Today’s scripture selection: First Samuel 26-31

Key verses: First Samuel 28:5-8


     At the end of his tumultuous life King Saul needed some advice.  The scripture says that, having rid his land of mediums and spiritists he asked the Lord for guidance.  He received no guidance – at least not as soon as he wanted it.

     So – back to the mediums he went.

     He disguised himself and went to see the woman history now remembers as the witch at Endor.

     The scripture goes on to tell of how Saul was told – either through the spirit of Samuel, or some other “ghostly figure,” that he would soon die.

     It’s a good reminder that we need to be careful where we seek advice – especially spiritual advice.

     There’s a lot of renewed interest in the occult these days – just look at the popular movies and TV shows around us.

     There’s a lot of debate about whether mediums and other spiritists, and the skills they possess, are helpful or not.

     I admit myself that some of what they do can be, on the surface at least, pretty impressive.

     But at the end of the day – I am going to steer clear of their advice.

     I’ll take the Bible’s counsel any day.

     I’ll grant you that it’s not always easy to understand.

     I’ll grant you that sometimes it raises questions in my mind.

     But most of all – I’ll stand on the time proven truth that God’s word will never lead you down the wrong path.

So – my advice is to be careful where you get your spiritual advice.  And if it’s a choice between God’s word and prayer or your friendly local medium…well, decide for yourself which is best.


Prayer: Lord, give me a discerning spirit, and a willing ear, to hear your advice – and yours alone.  AMEN.  


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