Week 16 Thursday

Counting Our Steps

Today’s scripture selection: Job 31-32

Key verses: Job 31:2-4

“For what is our lot from God above, our heritage from the Almighty on high?  Is it not ruin for the wicked, disaster for those who do wrong?  Does he not see my ways and count my every step?”

     Job was just about at the end of his defense.  He had maintained his integrity through it all.  Still, those around him had nothing but judgment and ridicule for him.

     He left it at this: Doesn’t God see his ways – or as he put it – “count my every step”?  If so – it will be clear that he has been honest in saying that the judgment was undeserved.

     What I find hopeful in that final defense is the simple acknowledgement that God does not leave us to our own devices.

     We are not creatures who must walk through our days alone; created and then abandoned – for good or ill.

     True – it can be disconcerting to think the Almighty is “watching” us – is aware of our choices, good and bad.

     But isn’t it also of great comfort that the One who lovingly created us isn’t just “watching” us – but “watching over us”?

     I believe that can be a helpful way to think about the God who counts our step as we take them.  Not literally counting them; not callously waiting for us to stumble, but walking with us through it all – good and bad.

     Job was convinced that he had done no wrong – at least nothing to deserve all the hardship he had experienced.  As we will see, he needed to learn a little humility.  But, at its core, his argument was sound.  He was a righteous man.

     His life can also remind, and reassure us, that we do not walk alone in life.  A watchful, caring God has His eye on us, every step along the way.


Prayer:  Lord, I thank you for your watchful care.  And when I stumble, show me the way to the right path again.  AMEN.


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