Week 17 Wednesday

No Need

Today’s scripture selection: Psalms 48-50

Key verses: Psalm 50:9-12


     Every now and then it’s good to remind ourselves that God doesn’t need us.

     Now, before you think I am suggesting God doesn’t care about us – let me explain.

     I simply mean that we need to keep things in perspective.  God, the Creator and Sustainer of everything, must – by definition – not need anything.  When we look around at the incredible beauty and fullness of creation; the great, creative variety of creation – well, that makes the case pretty well.  Surely the God who started all that in motion – and keeps it in motion – must be capable of providing for Himself anything He desires.

     And, while we often take great satisfaction in all the great things we have “created” – surely a more humble approach is to recognize that without God giving us breath to begin with – well – where would we be then?  Better to admit that God has gifted us with our very lives; and then with our talents – whatever they might be – which in turn we use for good or ill.

     On the other hand, even though God doesn’t “need” us – the scriptures make it clear he delights in us, His creation, just the same.

     God desires – above all – relationship with us.  The God who is love – craves love, freely offered, to Him.

     He doesn’t want robots or puppets on a string.  He wants free creatures to claim and relish their relationship with Him as their heavenly father.

     So, let’s be humble enough to realize that God doesn’t need us to acknowledge Him as our “co-pilot”.  He is the pilot after all – if anyone is riding second seat, it’s us.

On the other hand – how wonderful – that he loves us enough to want to be in relationship with us, His creation, day in and day out.

Prayer: Lord, thank you for your beautiful creation, of which I am a part.  AMEN.





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