Week 17 Saturday

Comforted So We Can Comfort

Today’s scripture selection: Second Corinthians 1-3

Key verse: Second Corinthians 1:3-4

     Most people like to be “comfortable.”  In fact, I think Americans are famous for loving their recliners, T.V. Trays, and home delivery pizza – all the “comforts” of home.

     But the scripture reminds us of something very important about “comfort.”  It is something that, by the grace of a loving God, we receive.  And, just as important, it is something, in the name of a loving God, we give to others.

     We are comforted so that we can become comforters.

     It’s a simple concept – but it’s one we too often forget.

     So often our world tells us that the key to happiness is to be comfortable.  We work hard at obtaining a certain level of economic security – if not downright wealth – for ourselves.  We work equally hard at making sure our home is comfy; our workplace at least “bearable”; and our seats at the big game or concert – we want the best ones.

     But, in a society where so many survive with far less than this – and some, sadly, with none of even their most basic needs met – well, our calling is surely very clear.

     “Praise be to the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Father of compassion and the God of all comfort.”

     That should be a hymn we sing regularly and fully.

     And more than that, it should be a rallying cry to call us to action.  Don’t worry – for most of us – the recliner; the T.V. tray; and the pizza will be there when you need them.  Why not invite someone over to enjoy the “comforts” of home with you? 


Prayer:  Lord, thank you for your sustaining love.  Help me to share it freely with others I meet who are in desperate need of it.  AMEN.

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