Week 22 Tuesday

A Wise Choice Today’s scripture selection: First Kings 1-4 Key verses: First Kings 3:7-9      When King David came to the end of his life – when he was, in his own words, about to “go the way of all the earth,” he appointed his son Solomon as king.  You might imagine Solomon was excited… Continue reading Week 22 Tuesday

Week 22 Monday

Sabbath Today’s scripture selection: Exodus 33-36 Key verse: Exodus 35:2      Our world values action.  And there is nothing wrong with that.  There is important work to be done.  Needs are met; creative pursuits are undertaken; the world is made a better place.      But there is also a place for rest – a place… Continue reading Week 22 Monday

Week 22 Sunday

A Noble and Good Heart Today’s scripture selection: Luke 7-8 Key Verse: Luke 8:15 What kind of person is the type to receive God’s guidance when it comes?  According to Jesus it is the one with a “noble and good heart.” He compared such persons to good soil in which valuable seed is planted.  The… Continue reading Week 22 Sunday

Week 21 Saturday

Strength Through Weakness Today’s scripture selection: Second Corinthians 11-13 Key verse: Second Corinthians 12:9        When the apostle Paul spoke about his desire to be free of some affliction that burdened him, he revealed a message he had received from God.  Here’s how the King James translation puts it:      “And he said unto… Continue reading Week 21 Saturday

Week 21 Friday

A Distant Place Today’s scripture selection: Jeremiah 42-46 Key verses: Jeremiah 46:27        There are some Christians who would just as soon do away with the “Old” Testament.  It’s filled with stories from a time and place that seem so distant; so unapproachable.  Stories of ancient Babylon and Egypt swooping down on Israel; entire… Continue reading Week 21 Friday

Week 21 Thursday

The Rest of the Story Today’s scripture selection: Job 41-42 Key verse: Job 42:2 For many years radio commentator Paul Harvey had a program which featured something he called “the rest of the story.” He would tell a tale about some interesting situation; some historical event, then, just about when you thought you understood it’s… Continue reading Week 21 Thursday

Week 21 Wednesday

The Rock Today’s scripture selection: Psalms 60-62 Key verses: Psalm 62:1      In the course of my ministry, now spanning over thirty years, I have known of two, great “mega-churches” that each called themselves “The Rock.”      They were impressive – as institutions at least.      They both, at one point in their history had… Continue reading Week 21 Wednesday

Week 21 Tuesday

Leaving a Worthy Legacy Today’s scripture selection: Second Samuel 20-23 Key verse: Second Samuel 23:3b-5      Without question, David had lived a long, turbulent, but ultimately fruitful life.      His last words are recorded in scripture, which begin:      “’When one rules over people in righteousness, when he rules in the fear of God, he… Continue reading Week 21 Tuesday

Week 21 Monday

Glitter and Gold Today’s scripture selection: Exodus 29-32 Key verse: Exodus 32:1 Talk about ungrateful. After Moses went to the mountaintop to commune with God on behalf of the people he had helped free from slavery… “When the people saw that Moses was so long in coming down from the mountain, they gathered around Aaron… Continue reading Week 21 Monday

Luke 21 Sunday

Letting Down Our Nets Today’s scripture selection: Luke 5-6 Key Verse: Luke 5:4           When Jesus called his first disciples to follow him he had to first give them a little fishing lesson.  This was unusual because, after all, they were professional fisherman.      Nevertheless, Jesus pressed on – urging them to “let down… Continue reading Luke 21 Sunday