Week 18 Thursday

Understanding God

Today’s scripture selection: Job 35-36

Key verses: Job 36:26


     When Elihu was busy judging Job (although he probably would have said he was “correcting” Job) – he had this to say:

     “How great is God – beyond our understanding!”

     Well, I think he was partially right.

     I will be the first to say that when I ponder the intricacies of creation; the wonder of the cosmos; the great design that seems to wonderfully drive everything – I am somewhat overwhelmed.  There are some things I imagine we can never fully understand about God – at least until we are “face to face” with Him.

     On the other hand, I think it is a mistake for people to simply “give up” on understanding God.

     I have known too many people who chose, at best, to be agnostics – neither saying God exists or doesn’t – simply because they think – if he does – we could never understand such a being.  It’s as if they are content to simply proclaim that the universe is a “mystery” so you might as well forget about it and get on with more “practical” matters.

     I think God is a lot more understandable that we give Him credit for.

     Why?  Well – here’s one reason – the Bible says simply, and pointedly, God is love.

     Now, sure, we can go around and around talking about what a “mystery” love is.  But I am more content pointing to clear, powerful, direct, and simple loving action and saying that is at the core of who God is.

     To put it another way – as scripture does – we love because God first loved us.  And I believe the way He did that most profoundly was through the life and ministry of Jesus Christ.

     So – yep, life – and God – are in some ways “mysteries.”  But if you want to understand them, I suggest you look first at love in action.  Then, act in a loving way – again and again.

     And I think, before long, you will be surprised just how much you understand.


Prayer: Almighty, ever present, every mysterious God – help me to see you clearly – in a life of love.  AMEN.


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