Week 18 Friday

I Know the Plans

Today’s scripture selection: Jeremiah 27-31

Key verses: Jeremiah 29:11


     The prophet Jeremiah had a tough job to do.  He had to prophecy to a people that didn’t want to listen and who preferred to listen to false prophets.  But through it all, the “weeping prophet” had a hopeful message.  It was simple and direct: God knows what He is doing.  And best of all, what He is doing is what’s best for us.

     For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.”

     I love that scripture.

     Most of us spend at least part of each day making plans.

  • Plans for our relationships
  • Plans for our chosen work
  • Plans for how we can be creative
  • Plans for how we can do something worthwhile
  • Plans for how we can somehow “make a difference”
  • Plans for how we can be “successful” – however we define that
  • Plans for how our life can be full of hope and meaningful


Well, it turns out God is always planning too.  God is a creative being – always has been; always will be.  And part of His wonderful creative activity is to have an active hand in our hope and future.

That doesn’t mean he controls us like puppets or robots.  No, God somehow weaves His plans into ours as his children, each of whom has free will.  That’s part of the mystery of it all.

Are you making some plans today?  Well, remember that a loving God has some plans for you too.  And things work out best when our plans and His – are one and the same.

How does Jesus suggest we make that happen?  By praying a simple and very powerful prayer:

“Thy will be done….”


Prayer: Father in heaven, let my will and thine, be one.  AMEN.








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