Week 20 Monday

The Prompted Heart

Today’s scripture selection: Exodus 25-28

Key verse: Exodus 25:2

When God instructed Moses to have the people build a tabernacle – a place of worship – for Him, He said a very interesting thing.

He said, “Tell the Israelites to bring me an offering.  You are to receive the offering for me from everyone whose heart prompts them to give.

He didn’t say “Have them bring me an offering or…”

  • I’ll punish them severely
  • I’ll never guide them again
  • I’ll let their enemies overtake them
  • I’ll send a plague
  • I’ll go away forever

He said – receive the offering from everyone whose heart prompts them to give.

     Nor did He say those whose heart prompted them to give had to be

  • Good enough
  • Holy enough
  • Strong enough
  • Wise enough or
  • The “right kind” of people

All they had to do was freely give, prompted by their own hearts to do so.

Giving isn’t bargaining with God.  It isn’t paying our dues or paying our bills.  It isn’t life insurance.

It’s how we show we love Him and the world He has created – nothing more and nothing less.

Prayer: Lord, may I give and love freely, AMEN.

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