Luke 21 Sunday

Letting Down Our Nets

Today’s scripture selection: Luke 5-6

Key Verse: Luke 5:4


     When Jesus called his first disciples to follow him he had to first give them a little fishing lesson.  This was unusual because, after all, they were professional fisherman.

     Nevertheless, Jesus pressed on – urging them to “let down their nets for a catch.”  Now, to make matters worse, he did this after they had worn themselves out fishing all night to no avail.

     Kind of like our prayer life from time to time.

     We are worn out, tired of asking, tired of seeking.  The answers aren’t coming and we are just about to throw in the towel.

     And the Lord comes encouraging – perhaps even goading us a bit – “keep on; keep going; let down your net just one more time.”

     Of course, you know how the story ends.  The “professional” fishermen – who thought they knew all about it – and so were sure they wouldn’t catch anything – end up filling their small boat to overflowing.  Simon Peter’s response says it all:

     “Depart from me, Lord, for I am a sinful man.”

     Jesus responds by encouraging him, calling him into a fuller, joyful life – and ministry.

     Again, it’s like our prayer life.

     If we can only hold on in faith, just a little longer, we “catch” what we have been desperately seeking.  We find the answer; we see our way ahead; we are made fit for the kingdom and service.

     So – keep fishing – it can be long, hard, tiring task at times.  But if you only keep dropping that net – one day – you will be amazed at what you catch.

Prayer: Lord, sinful though I am, renew me, strengthen me, call me, into service for you.  AMEN.

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