Week 22 Monday


Today’s scripture selection: Exodus 33-36

Key verse: Exodus 35:2

     Our world values action.  And there is nothing wrong with that.  There is important work to be done.  Needs are met; creative pursuits are undertaken; the world is made a better place.

     But there is also a place for rest – a place for what the bible calls “Sabbath.”

     When God instructed Moses on the way to lead His people through their time in the wilderness – God spoke about work – and rest.

     “For six days, work is to be done, but the seventh day shall be your holy day, a day of Sabbath rest to the Lord.”

     Now, it seems that when some people start meddling with a good thing, it turns into something burdensome.  That happened with God’s people.  Over a long period God’s instruction to honor the Sabbath became a tedious set of rules and regulations.  Worse, those laws became a way for some to self-righteously judge others.  It became such a problem that by the time Jesus came along He had to remind the people that “the Sabbath was made for man; not man for the Sabbath.”  Most important, He reminded them that there was never a day when it was wrong to show kindness or mercy to others – even if that meant “working” on the Sabbath.

     Somewhere along the line – people became confused about when to work and when to rest.

     It seems to me that it all has to do with balance.

     We must never make work – or Sabbath rest – a “rule” that can never be broken.  God doesn’t want legalists – He wants faithful children.

     So, work when it’s time to work – especially when your work helps others.  And, when it’s time to rest – to find a much needed Sabbath – take it and enjoy it – just as God has ordained it.

Everything will get done – in due time.  It may be that what you need to do today, more than anything, is spend a little “downtime” with God.

Prayer: Lord, strengthen me to do your work, and give me the inner peace to enjoy Sabbath with you, all in perfect balance.  AMEN.

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