Week 22 Tuesday

A Wise Choice

Today’s scripture selection: First Kings 1-4

Key verses: First Kings 3:7-9

     When King David came to the end of his life – when he was, in his own words, about to “go the way of all the earth,” he appointed his son Solomon as king.  You might imagine Solomon was excited to step up to such a lofty position.  But there was one “small” problem.  Solomon was only twelve years old at the time.

     Obviously, he wasn’t quite ready to rule an entire kingdom.  Can you imagine any pre-teen you know undertaking such a grand responsibility?  When I was twelve, I could barely keep my room clean, much less rule a nation.  To put it mildly, Solomon had his work cut out for him.

     But God had a plan – for the boy – and his nation.

     When faced with such an awesome responsibility, what does Solomon request of God?  Top notch advisors?  Riches to buy his way out of any dilemma?  Toys to play with so he could just ignore the problem and hope it went away?  Nope.

     He asks for one thing – wisdom.

     He asks for “an understanding heart to judge your people.”

     God grants that request.  And the result?

Solomon rules as king for 40 years – the best years in all of Israel’s history – filled with peace and prosperity.

To this day, Solomon’s reputation is that of being the “wisest” of all men.

     I can’t help but wonder what I would have been tempted to ask of God if I were in the same circumstances.

     And I can’t help but be reminded that when I am faced with a task that seems too large – there is one, and only one thing, I need to seek first – God’s guidance.

That’s just playing it smart.

Prayer: Lord, grant me a discerning heart, that I may always seek your guidance.  AMEN.




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