Week 22 Friday

A People In Bondage

Today’s scripture selection: Jeremiah 47-52

Key verses: Jeremiah 52:27b


     I don’t know anyone, thankfully, who knows what it is to be literally in bondage.  The idea of slavery and exile – Babylonians swooping down on other nations and swallowing them whole – it’s the stuff of movies.

     But I do know some who have been in bondage in other ways – alcohol and other drugs; depression; broken relationships that felt like a prison sentence and more.  And I have known a few times of emotional and spiritual bondage as well.

     So when I turn to the scriptures, particularly the lamentations of a prophet like Jeremiah, I think about how sweet emotional and spiritual freedom is.

     We should never be too quick to rush through those passages of scripture that speak of slavery – literal or otherwise.

     We should never be so much in a hurry to reach the “comforting” passages about God’s love that we fail to ponder how deep the pain can be without it.

     Because that is when we begin to take God for granted.

     So, if today you and those you love can honestly say you are “free” – give thanks – God’s grace is no doubt part of that freedom.

     And if instead you are those you love feel trapped in some way – take comfort in the scriptures promises that even exile eventually comes to an end.

     It may seem a long way off and you may not know exactly know how or when it will come – but it will.

     God doesn’t forget His children, even those in exile.

     Prayer: Lord, thank you for remembering and calling me home.  AMEN.

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