Week 22 Saturday


Today’s scripture selection: Galatians 1-3

Key verse: Second Corinthians 3:1

     Years ago there was a popular TV show about a pretty housewife who also happened to be a witch.  If you are of a certain age you probably remember it – “Bewitched”.

     Well, long before America ever learned about this suburban wife endowed with magical powers, the apostle Paul used the term bewitched.  He spoke of how the Christians in Galatia had been somehow “magically” been taken in by the foolish notice that there was a gospel other than the one Paul had been preaching about Jesus Christ.

     I don’t think Paul meant the believers had literally been taken under the power of some magical spell.  He just meant that whoever was trying to convince them of some very wrong ideas had them, in a way, under a spell.

     Paul knew better.  He had experienced it himself – this life saving gospel.  He knew Jesus, the Christ, personally – though he had never met him in the flesh.  He knew Jesus was, as promised, the “Way, the Truth, and the Life.”  He had been literally blinded by his former choices.  Now he knew life, and he wasn’t going to trade it for anything – certainly not for some “false” gospel.

     Two thousand years later – I think we have the same choice to make as those “foolish” Galatians.

     We can either accept, on faith, that the “Jesus life” is the way to true life – or we can run down some other path that any number of others would try to sell to us.

     There will always be those who will use smoke and mirrors to convince you that faith in God is the wrong way to go.  There will always be somebody who has the “better, more reasonable way” to go.  But I, for one, refuse to believe it.  I know a cheap magic trick when I see one.  The love and grace of God, as expressed by Jesus of Nazareth on the cross; Jesus the Christ, is the only Way for me.  I won’t be “bewitched” by anyone else.

Prayer: Father God, in a world full of false gospels, open my eyes to truth and life.  AMEN.





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1 thought on “Week 22 Saturday

  1. Thank God He saves us through faith in His Son Jesus Christ. God bless you:)

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