Week 23 Sunday

Traveling Light

Today’s scripture selection: Luke 9-10

Key Verse: Luke 9:3

When Jesus first sent His disciples out to do the work of God’s kingdom He did something that is almost shocking by today’s standards. He sent them out with nothing in hand. That is, nothing material.

He said, “Take nothing for the journey – no staff, no bag, no bread, no money, no extra shirt.” They were to simply rely on others, and God, to provide for their needs while on their mission.

In today’s world where “being prepared” is a lot more than a Boy Scout motto, Jesus’ counsel seems foolish.

But, as they faithfully went about to “drive out demons” and “cure diseases” – apparently their needs were somehow more than provided for. And when they returned, they praised God, saying, “Lord, even the demons submit to us in your name” – amazing.

I wonder how many of us would have been willing to undertake such mammoth responsibilities without so much as a little pocket cash for emergencies.

It’s a great lesson in faith – and the limitless power of God.

They had little or no formal education; they were, at best, of the lower middle class; they weren’t priests or theologians; they were simple men and women – devoted to God and His kingdom – and that was more than enough.

Today, I wouldn’t try to argue that a little prudent preparation isn’t needed. I think savings accounts and retirement planning and insurance are good things. So are a steady income and a warm house in which to live.

But faith that God is the ultimate provider? That’s not just a good thing – it’s the key to a wonderfully powerful and fruitful life. So don’t be afraid to “travel light” now and then. Armed with faith and God’s loving presence – what more could you need?

Prayer: Father, help me to trust in your provision for the journey, wherever it leads. AMEN.

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