Week 23 Monday

Space For Worship

Today’s scripture selection: Exodus 37-40

Key verses: Exodus 40:1-2

     “Then the Lord said to Moses, ‘Set up the tabernacle, the tent of meeting, on the first day of the first month.’”

     When God instructed Moses on setting up a place for worship – a tent of meeting – for His people in the wilderness, he gave very specific instructions.

     They were all there – specifically designed for a holy purpose – the altar of burnt offering; the priestly garments; and the Ark of the Covenant – that thing that caused all the drama in that “Indiana Jones” movie.

     Nothing was thrown together and nothing was superfluous.  It was all beautifully designed and absolutely necessary.  And caring for it all, just as God intended, was literally a matter of life and death.

     In contrast, I think about how often we can be tempted to just sort of “squeeze God in” wherever and whenever we have a free moment: a little Bible study here; a little prayer on the go there.  It hardly qualifies as a meeting place, much less a holy sanctuary.

     I think Moses would have found it odd to witness people scurrying around saying that “if they have time” they would get together for a little “God-time.”  In fact, he probably wouldn’t have just found it to be odd.  He probably would have called it an “abomination”.  There’s a good old fashioned Bible word for you.

     We probably aren’t able to build a portable tabernacle in which to meet God.  It’s probably not even necessary these days.

     But meeting the God who knows and loves you – regularly, quietly, formally or otherwise – is important.  It’s still literally a matter of life and death, spiritually speaking.

     So, find your “tent of meeting” place today.  You may just find God waiting there for you when you arrive.

Prayer: Eternal, Holy God, lead me to You – in prayer, in study, in service – to meet with You in holy worship.  AMEN.


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