Week 23 Tuesday

A Throne Forever

Today’s scripture selection: First Kings 5-9

Key verses: First Kings 9:4-5

     “As for you, if you walk before me faithfully with integrity of heart and uprightness…and do all I command and observe my decrees and laws, I will establish your royal throne…forever.”

     Solomon was a very wise, and a very faithful, man.  When he could have asked for great riches and power – he asked for wisdom from God.  He built a great temple and a great palace.  But most important of all, he built upon a great relationship with his God.

     That’s a wonderful example of us who feel called to do a little building of our own.

     As we go about our business, meeting goals; overcoming challenges and reaching new heights – we would do well to remember this conditional promise between God and Solomon.


  • You walk before me
  • Faithfully
  • With integrity of heart and uprightness


  • I will establish your royal throne forever.


It’s a great model for us to follow.  It’s not about negotiating with a powerful God so that we will be rich and powerful beyond our wildest dreams.

It’s not about skillfully negotiating a business contract with God – quid pro quo – so that we and God both experience a “win-win”.

It’s about being a man or woman of faith and integrity – and the rewards that come from living such a noble life in God’s, or anyone’s, eyes.

Prayer: Almighty God, lead me always, to be a person of integrity, that what I do – and who I am – is firmly established forever.  And may the honor, and glory, by Yours.  AMEN.


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