Week 23 Friday

Fallen Jewels

Today’s scripture selection: Lamentations

Key verse: Lamentations 4:1

     It seemed it was all over except for the tears.

     As one commentator in the LIFE APPLICATION BIBLE puts it:

“Jeremiah’s two books focus on one event – the destruction of Jerusalem.  The book of Jeremiah predicts it, and Lamentations looks back on it.  Known as the book of tears, Lamentations is a dirge, a funeral song written for the fallen city of Jerusalem.”

     The weeping prophet eloquently puts it this way:

“How the gold has lost its luster, the fine gold become dull!  The sacred gems are scattered at every street corner.”

     But he and his people weren’t the only ones to experience this common tragedy.  Life, which at one moment glitters like gold and rubies, suddenly becomes ash for the trash can.  And it seems all is lost.

     But God cares for us so much that this is not the end of the story.  If we look hard enough; have faith enough there is always hope.

  • Poor decisions can be amended
  • Wrong choices can be corrected
  • Mistakes can be erased or at least
  • Lessons can be learned so they are not repeated


Life is full of consequences – sometimes very harsh ones.

But God is all about grace and hope and fresh starts.

Jeremiah knew this or he wouldn’t have pleaded to God for mercy.

We can know it too.  And therein lies the hope of fallen jewels.

Prayer: Holy God, Heavenly Father, may I always find hope in sorrow; fresh starts in endings; grace in forgiveness.  AMEN.




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