Week 25 Tuesday

Double Trouble

Today’s scripture selection: First Kings 14-16

Key verses: First Kings 16:30-32

     Ahab and Jezebel – their names are associated with the worst kind of evil.  Ahab is listed among a long list of evil kings and all the scripture can say about him is that “he did more evil in the eyes of the LORD than any of those before him.”  And Jezebel – well, even popular culture understands what the phrase she acted “just like a Jezebel” means – enough said.

     To put it mildly – they were “double trouble.”

     But, for all the damage they did, maybe their mere existence serves an important purpose. Their legacy is a warning.

     We can live out our years making choices, both good and bad, and in the end be someone of whom others speak well.

     Or we can live out those same years, again making choices, and in the end leave only destruction in our wake.

     Life is about choice – and those choices all have consequences.

     And even when someone is tempted to say, “Hey, I’m not hurting anyone but myself!” that is rarely, if ever, true.

     No, we are connected to others in a powerful way.  And how we live out each waking day impacts the “big picture” in ways we probably can’t even fully imagine.

     So – which shall it be?

     To be known as a troublemaker or a trouble-solver; to live life as an Ahab, or Jezebel, or as a beloved child of God?

     The choice is all ours.

Prayer: Heavenly Father, show me the way to weigh the consequences of my choices – and to make the right ones.  AMEN.


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