Week 25 Thursday


Today’s scripture selection: Proverbs 5-6

Key verse: Proverbs 6:18

     Imagination is a wonderful thing.  Early on in life I discovered the joys of pretending to be one of King Arthur’s nights; a cowboy on the range; an astronaut exploring some far corner of Mars.

     Our mind, coupled with a compassionate heart, can imagine wonderful things and often bring them to fruition.

     But our minds and hearts can do other things too – far darker things.

     That’s why the book of Proverbs, in cataloging a few of the things God “detests” lists this one:

     “An heart that deviseth wicked imaginations….”

     Various translations say it differently; a heart that

  • Devises wicked schemes
  • Is set on wicked plans
  • Manufactures wicked thoughts and plans
  • Hatches evil plots

But I particularly like the old King James Version – wicked “imaginations.”

     It reminds me that long before any real, palpable damage is done – to us or others – it’s cooked up in our brain.  We think about it; ruminate on it; work out all the details.  Then and only then do we take action.

     So, it follows suit that we can think – we “imagine” the opposite – we can think on things that are noble and positive and pure and helpful.  Fill your head with those kinds of thoughts and good things are bound to follow.

     Leave the wicked imaginations to others.  Let yours make the world a better a place.


Prayer: Lord, fill my mind with what you desire.  AMEN.






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