Week 26 Sunday

The One and the Ninety-Nine

Today’s scripture selection: Luke 15-16

Key Verses: Luke 15:4-7

     It was only one little sheep.  For some, it was no big deal.  Let it wander off – there are still ninety-nine left.  Such was the attitude of the lazy shepherd in Jesus’ day.

     But then there was the good shepherd; the shepherd who worried over each one.  To that shepherd, should even one small sheep wander off – there was nothing more important than finding it and bringing it back into the fold; back home.

     And so Jesus could use this simple story to illustrate how God feels about His people – those safe and secure – and those who have somehow wandered off into dangerous territory.

     What did the Lord say happened when that one lost sheep was found?  Simple – it was time for a great party.  And so it is in the life of faith.

     We all wander off now and then.  We

  • Think we know better or
  • We get bored or
  • We think the grass is a little more tasty over “there”
  • We want a little adventure or
  • We resent having to always follow the Good Shepherd’s guidelines

There are a thousand reasons why and how we can get “lost.”

But, each time – God goes searching – God goes calling – God goes rescuing His lost.

Of course there is one big difference between that little lost sheep and us.  We have a choice whether or not to be carried home to the flock.

Prayer: Father, thank you for always seeking me with your love.  And should I wander off, thank you for your amazing grace that brings me home.  AMEN.


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