Week 26 Tuesday

The Whisper of God

Today’s scripture selection: First Kings 19-22

Key verses: First Kings 19:12

     Elijah was on the run.  Ahab and Jezebel had their sights on him – and that was anything but good.

     So, fearing for his life, he took off.

     While on the run – some amazing things happened.

     First, an angel showed up – miraculously providing food and water – strength for the journey; second, God came – first to ask a question then to give him some guidance.

     What I have always loved about this particular story is how it makes a point to say God’s guidance wasn’t in the earthquake or the fire – but in the “gentle whisper” that followed.

     When we are on the run; when we are at our wit’s end – God doesn’t come to us with fire and brimstone.

     He comes whispering his love.

     It’s also a good model for us to follow.

When we encounter someone who is

  • Frightened
  • Confused
  • Seeking answers
  • Needing forgiveness
  • Needing help

They don’t need us to scold or give unsolicited advice.

They could however use a gentle whisper, offered in God’s name.

Whether on the receiving or giving end – let’s give thanks for the still small voice of God – every time it comes.

Prayer: Lord, help me to offer your love gently, when needed most.  AMEN.



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