Week 28 Tuesday

Even If

Today’s scripture selection: Second Kings 6-10

Key verses: Second Kings 7:1-2

     Some people are just hard to sell.

     They are skeptics with a capital S.

     Elisha had proven himself time and again.  As the prophet Elijah’s successor he was a great success.  He had a ministry that would last over 50 years and that ministry touched great nations.  He performed many miracles.

     Yet some just couldn’t or wouldn’t believe.

     Once, when Elisha promised God’s deliverance during a famine and siege – here’s what one of the king’s servants said:

     “Look, even if the Lord should open the floodgates of the heavens, could this happen?”

     “Even if….”  Those two words are too often uttered by those of weak faith.

     And, let’s be honest, isn’t that all of us now and then?

We dare not wag our heads and shake our fingers at those who find it difficult to trust in God.  Because, given the right circumstances and enough pressure – we all fold – at least, I know I do.

No, we need to pray for strength and faith.  We need to pray that God helps us have the ability to believe in His promises.  Because without that divine assistance, who is free of the human frailty that can cause us to doubt?

I like that passage of scripture about the man who once cried out to Jesus,

“Lord, I believe…help my unbelief!”

I can identify with a fellow like that.

So – “even if” God does regularly open the floodgates of heaven, we must always pray that God helps us realize and believe in that miracle.  Then we won’t be doubt’s pawn.

Prayer: Lord, strengthen my faith when needed, so that I can faithfully believe in you.  AMEN.



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