Week 28 Wednesday

Not An Option

Today’s scripture selection: Psalms 81-83

Key verses: Psalm 82:3-4

They are strong words; and a clear call to action:

  • Defend
  • Uphold
  • Rescue
  • Deliver

Words like this don’t leave much room for debate.

And who are we, as members of the kingdom of God, supposed to defend, uphold, rescue and deliver?  Again – it’s very clear:

  • The weak and the fatherless
  • The poor and the oppressed
  • The weak and needy
  • Those who need deliverance from the hand of the wicked

With such a simple, powerful mandate – how can anyone say that the Church is irrelevant?

Only when the people of God fail to act can the world say that is true.

Does it mean we are to take any and all responsibility for others?  Does it mean we are to support those who won’t take personal responsibility (when they can) to meet their needs or those of their family?

No, I think the scriptures have quite a lot to say about people stepping up to be responsible members of society – when they can.

But when there is illness – physical, mental, or spiritual; when there is addiction; when there are societal structures that press people down beyond their ability to lift themselves up…

Then we don’t have a choice.

We love as we have first been loved.

Anything less… is simply not an option.

Prayer: Lord of grace and peace; make me an instrument of both.  AMEN.

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