Week 28 Thursday

Straight Lines

Today’s scripture selection: Proverbs 10

Key verse: Proverbs 10:9

“Whoever walks in integrity walks securely, but whoever takes crooked paths will be found out.”

When you think of integrity – who is it that comes to mind?

  • Christ?
  • Gandhi?
  • Lincoln?
  • Mother Teresa?
  • Your own mother or father?
  • Your spouse?
  • Your boss?
  • Yourself?

I hope that at least one or two friends or family members come to mind because, sadly, integrity often seems to be a thing of the past.

One definition states that integrity is all about being honest, or having high moral principles.  It also says that the word can be used to describe “the state of being whole or undivided.”

While that second definition usually refers to the integrity of things other than people – as in “territorial integrity” – I can’t help but wonder if it doesn’t apply to people as well.

When you have integrity – you are “whole” as a person – you aren’t “divided” – at conflict with yourself.  Others can count on you when the going gets tough.  And you can sleep at night, instead of tossing and turning, second guessing yourself and your decisions.  And that’s no small thing in this harshly divided and unstable world.

 So – seek integrity – and celebrate it when you find it.  It’s all too rare a commodity these days.


Prayer: Almighty God, help me to stay on paths straight and true, that I may be whole and trustworthy.  AMEN.





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