Week 30 Tuesday

A Foolish Pride

Today’s scripture selection: Second Kings 16-20

Key verses: Second Kings 16-20

     King Hezekiah was going to die.  At least that was the word from Isaiah the prophet.  Fearful; broken; he appealed to God for mercy.  And he received it – another fifteen years of life.

     His appeal was based on the fact that he had been a good king – and that was true.  In fact, over a hundred-year period only Hezekiah had been a “good” king according to God’s standards.

     And so, reassured – and ready to live at least a few more years – Hezekiah got back to the business of running his kingdom.  Then he did something very foolish.

     Emissaries came from a powerful, foreign nation: Assyria.  And what did the king do?  He showed them everything he had at his disposal; everything he owned. When Isaiah asked him about this, Hezekiah made this quite clear.

“They saw everything in my palace.  There is nothing among my treasures that I did not show them.”

Not very smart – and definitely an act of prideful foolishness.

In the future, his country would pay dearly for that mistake.

We might be tempted to shake our heads in disbelief at such a foolish old king.  But there is a lesson here worth noting.

Pride can lead us to do very foolish, even deadly, things.

Pride can cause us to strike up friendships with the wrong people; lead us to throw away what is dear to us; leave us or our loved ones exposed to attack.

In contrast, scripture counsels this:

Stay humble.  Remember how you got to where you are.  And don’t be quick to believe that it is because you are so smart, or talented, or whatever….

Healthy self-esteem, kept in perspective – that’s a good thing.

Foolish pride, out of control – that’s something to avoid – at all costs.

Prayer: Lord, keep me humble, and thankful for my blessings – especially those I had nothing to do with earning.  AMEN.


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