Week 30 Saturday

Produced by Faith, Prompted by Love, Inspired By Hope

Today’s scripture selection: First Thessalonians 1-3

Key verse: First Thessalonians 1:3

     The apostle Paul was quite a wordsmith.

     Yes, like many authors, he sometimes got a little carried away.  Now and then, it seems to me like he used a hundred words when a half-dozen would have sufficed.

     On the other hand, there are times when he absolutely nailed it.  One example is in his greeting to the believers at Thessalonica.

     He tells them how thankful he is for them and how he prays for them.  And then he says he remembers “before our God and Father”

  • Your work produced by faith
  • Your labor prompted by love and
  • Your endurance inspired by hope in our Lord Jesus Christ.

Wow – that says a ton – doesn’t it?

A simple triune formula for what our life ought to be all about as people of God’s kingdom.  We are to be about work that is produced by faith, prompted by love.  And we endure, even when it is hard, because of our hope in the promises of our Lord.

So often those of us who are “religious” types complicate things too much.  We argue over fine points of theology; we stress over how to accomplish the work of the Church in our time; but boiling it all down to faithful labors of love that endure challenging times – that to me says it well.

Thanks, Paul.  You’ve given us a clear picture of our calling.

Now it’s just a matter of actually doing it.

Prayer: Lord, by the power of your Holy Spirit; strengthen my faith and my work prompted by your love so that I may endure just as Christ did.  AMEN.




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