Week 31 Tuesday

Faithful Renewal

Today’s scripture selection: Second Kings 21-25

Key verses: Second Kings 23:1-3

Josiah was a young – but faithful – king.

During a period of reform he instituted a “book” was found.  It was no ordinary book.  It was a book of law and religious covenant.  It clearly spelled out all the things that the people had not been doing for years.  And Josiah knew just what to do with it.  He had it read in the hearing of the people – and then he publicly committed his nation to begin following anew the one true God.

Wouldn’t it be great if all people of faith were more like Josiah?  How much more powerful their walk of faith would be if they took the scriptures; the covenant that seriously.

I read somewhere that many (perhaps most) American households own several Bibles.  The problem is that many (perhaps most) rarely read those Bibles – much less seriously follow the counsel found there.

That’s the challenge.  To take the Bible seriously – not just as some quaint collection of antiquated stories.  To know that there is a difference between Noah’s ark and the Ark of the Covenant.  To know, as one comedian said, that there are Ten Commandments – not twelve “suggestions.” To know that there are many, many similarities between Jesus’ teaching and Old Testament law – but that there are some significant differences too.  For instance, Old Testament: “an eye for an eye” – New Testament: “but I say unto you ‘love your enemy.’ ”

Scripture is, or should be, a living document – applied regularly to all the aspects of our lives – not just wheeled out “for old-time sake” now and then.

Josiah knew that, deep in his bones.  The early church founders knew, and died, for that.

How might we honor and revere these Holy Scriptures in our own time, in our own way?

Prayer: Lord, open my eyes, ears, and heart to your Word.  Help me to be ever faithful to the counsel and the covenant I find there.  AMEN.

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