Week 32 Sunday

Night Visitor

Today’s scripture selection: John 3-4

Key Verses: John 3:1-3

     Nicodemus, one of the renowned members of the Jewish high court – the Sanhedrin; and Jesus, the troublesome religious leader making them nervous; and the story of their meeting one night – it’s all very interesting.

     But what I have always found particularly interesting about their meeting was when it happened.  John seems to make a point of giving us that little detail:

     “He came to Jesus at night….”

     According to John, Nicodemus is quick to acknowledge that Jesus is “a teacher who has come from God.  For no could perform the signs you are doing if God were not with him.”

     Certainly not an endorsement of Jesus as the long awaited Messiah – but no small acknowledgement either.  Coming from such a renowned religious leader; a man of such political and spiritual power – no small acknowledgment indeed.  And yet:

     “He came to Jesus at night….”

Why?  What was he afraid of? Being

  • Identified with Jesus and his views on God’s kingdom?
  • Embarrassed by “stooping down” to talk to the itinerant preacher?
  • Challenged by Jesus in some way?
  • Convicted of his sins and shortcomings?

What caused Nicodemus to come under “cloak of darkness” to talk to the One whom some were calling the “light” of the world?

Maybe there were many reasons.

But it causes me to question why, and how, I come to Jesus.

Do I come only in darkness; in some clandestine way – or am I willing to come publicly; in daylight; joyfully – for all to see?

How do you come to Him?

Good questions…don’t you think?

Prayer: Lord, may I always be willing to come to you joyfully, openly, for all to see, that others might come too.  AMEN.




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