Week 33 Monday

The Most Holy Things

Today’s scripture selection: Numbers 1-4

Key verses: Numbers 4:4

The book of Numbers, like the book of Leviticus, makes one thing pretty clear.  God wanted the people of Israel to do things the right way.  Ritual; order; organization – these weren’t just “good” things to do – they were essential to the spiritual growth and welfare of the people.

Take the Kohathites for example.  They were the people who were assigned the task of caring for “the most holy things.”  When the camp had to move, they were the ones – along with Aaron and his sons – who were responsible for making sure that holy things weren’t just haphazardly thrown into a bundle and thrown on the back of a camel.

I wonder about the “holy things” of our lives.

Do we treat them with respect?

Do we honor them enough – not lifting them up above God – but respecting them nonetheless?

And I am not just talking about the ritual objects used in formal worship.  I’m talking about all the things God calls holy – our relationships; our vocational calling; creation itself.

Maybe we should take an inventory now and then, suitable for our own book of “Numbers”.  Maybe we should assess whether we are remembering that there are some things in life that are cheap and common and that there are other things that are “most holy” – to be cherished, loved, and honored.

Prayer: Holy God, show me how best to honor and care for that which you have called holy; now and always.  AMEN.



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