Week 34 Sunday

Whose Fault Is It?

Today’s scripture selection: John 7-9

Key Verses: John 9:1-3

Jesus and his disciples were going about their business when they came upon a man blind from birth.

The disciples asked him, “Rabbi, who sinned, this man or his parents, that he was born blind?”

Jesus told them it wasn’t anybody’s fault.  But it was an opportunity for God’s handiwork – and compassion – to be put on display.  And a few minutes later, thanks to Jesus, the man had his sight – for the first time in his life.

Isn’t that just like people? To focus on cause, or blame, or worry over the reason for some problem or defect or sin, especially when talking about someone else’s problems.

But Jesus – he re-sets the focus completely.

Don’t worry about what caused it.

Don’t worry about why that person is the way they are.

Don’t worry about whether you think they should be different; or make different choices; or anything else.

Just see the need – and in the name of God’s compassion – do something about it.

That’s why Jesus kept talking about his disciples being the light of the world or the salt of the earth or taking up their cross of servant leadership and following Him.

Because when it comes right down to it – it doesn’t matter so much why a person is suffering, as that we do something about it.

But it’s easier to stay in the abstract world of ideas. It’s easy to sit sipping tea and talking with the good rabbi about what exactly he means when he refers to the “kingdom of God.”

It’s a lot harder to be kingdom people – and learn for ourselves.


Prayer: Lord, empower me; guide me; send me in your name – that others may be touched by your love.  AMEN.

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2 thoughts on “Week 34 Sunday

  1. Good message!

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