Week 36 Monday


Today’s scripture selection: Numbers 13-16

Key verses: Numbers 13:1-3; 28-29

They were Israel’s spies.  Their job was straightforward enough: to go into the Promised Land and bring back a report on what would be needed in order to conquer it.  They were, as the scriptures say, “leaders of the Israelites”.  I take that to mean they were well qualified for the job – certainly not cowards.

And what was their report?

“No Way!”

Oh, the land was to be desired, to be sure.

“But the people who live there are powerful and the cities are fortified and very large.  We even saw descendants of Anak there.”

And who was this Anak?

Anak was the legendary forefather of the Anakites, who were said to be a mixed race of giant people, descendants of the Nephilim, who had a colorful, supernatural history.

To put it more simply, the people occupying the Promised Land, were big, tough, and seemingly unbeatable.

It looked like the Israelites weren’t going to the Promised Land after all.  That is, until the spy named Caleb spoke up.  With great faith and determination he said it could be done.  And, in the end, he won the day – though not without considerable conflict among the people.

Is it so different for us today?

We look at the challenges before us; the destiny God has for us – and we become so easily overwhelmed.  We look at the odds; we crunch the numbers; we give up before we have even begun.

I think the people of the kingdom of God need to come at things differently.  We need to take Caleb’s lead.  We need to have a little faith.  After all, Jesus says that with just a tiny bit of that, entire mountains can be moved.

What’s your challenge today?  What’s threatening to discourage or defeat you?

I think you and God, together, can handle it.  Don’t you?

Prayer: Father, give me courage and faith to handle today’s and every day’s challenges.  AMEN.







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