Week 37 Monday

More Than Quarreling

Today’s scripture selection: Numbers 17-20

Key verse: Numbers 20:3

They were at it again – this rebellious people who just couldn’t seem to get the knack of faith.

Thirsty, tired, hot, fed-up, the Scripture says the people
“quarreled” with Moses.  But they did a lot more than that.

It was all about their lack of faith – not just in Moses – but in God.

“If only we had died….Why did you bring the LORD’s community into this wilderness, that we and our livestock should die here?”

So, as he always did, Moses intervened.  And soon, the people had the water they needed so desperately.

But there is one more interesting, very poignant, part of the story.  It’s about how Moses was told by God he would not personally be able to enter the long-awaited Promised Land with the people.  Why?  Because instead of only speaking to the rock from which God would miraculously provide water – he struck it.  In other words, he took matters into his own hands.

Was he trying to take credit for the miracle himself?  Did he think merely “speaking” to the rock wasn’t enough – that he had to add to what God had said to do?  Did he think God needed his help to get things done?

Who knows?  What matters to me is that his offense was serious enough that it cost him his own entrance into the Promised Land.

Moral: Let God be God.  In simple, powerful, trusting faith – let God be God.

Trust God to do exactly what He says He will do; when He says He will do it.

Trust God to act out of the love He says, time and again, He has for not just you but for all of His children.

Trust God to give you not what you demand – but what you need.

Trust God enough to do what He leads you to do – and no more.

Do that – and miracles happen.

Prayer: Almighty, All loving God, help me to trust – simply trust.  AMEN.

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