Week 37 Friday

The Lion and Thunder

Today’s scripture selection: Amos 1-4

Key verses: Amos 1:1

Amos knew about lions and storms.

He was a shepherd, so he had likely confronted both.

We today might picture calm shepherds watching over their sheep surrounded by peaceful green pastures – but that was only part of their life.  Powerful threatening storms; ferocious carnivorous predators; thieves and murderers – this was all a part of their world too.  Wimps made lousy shepherds.  You had to be tough and real to make the grade.  And they knew the very real dangers of a very dark world – just as they knew the serene beauty of those peaceful green pastures.

So Amos was particularly suited to become a prophet for God.

And in the very opening verses of his book he speaks of God as only a shepherd might:

“The LORD roars from Zion and thunders from Jerusalem…”

God can be so gentle in loving His children.

God can also be so powerful and overwhelming in His righteous anger for those who try and oppose Him.

It’s a package – both are aspects of the living God.

Amos and the prophets understood this – and we should too.

Need we fear God?  Need we be afraid to come before Him with our deepest needs and questions and fears?  No, not if we come to Him as our Heavenly Comforter.

But should we stand – or kneel – in awe of His power and the pure fire of His holiness?  Yes.

God is both the Lion and the Thunder.

We should never doubt or minimize that.


Prayer: Awesome, holy God, I praise you and bow in respect to your power; I give thanks for how it is tempered by your love and grace.  AMEN.

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