Week 38 Sunday

While It Was Still Dark

Today’s scripture selection: John 19-21

Key Verse: John 20:1

“Early on the first day of the week, while it was still dark…”

Every Easter morning, as I prepare for celebrating a sunrise service, I ponder these words again.

They seem to me to be such a powerful summation of the entire gospel message.  It is while it is still dark that we discover

  • God’s deep love for us
  • God’s amazing, redemptive grace
  • God’s forgiving touch
  • God’s abiding, strengthening presence
  • God’s patience with us
  • God’s reassuring healing
  • God’s insistence that we are dear to Him
  • God’s light that leads us home

We don’t experience such things, at least not so powerfully, when things are going well.  We tend to forget about them when we “have it together”.  We don’t think we need God – at least not as much – when all is going according to plan.

But let our plans; our dreams go off track – let the darkness move in and extinguish our puny little flame – and that’s when we need it – when we need Him.

So, maybe now and then, a little darkness is actually a blessing, though at the time it seems like a curse.

Because it is then “while it is still dark” that we realize how precious God’s amazing grace is to us all.

Prayer: Heavenly Father, thank you – that even in the darkness – the light of your love is never extinguished.  AMEN.

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