Week 38 Tuesday

Choose Carefully

Today’s scripture selection: Second Chronicles 1-5

Key verse: Second Chronicles 1:7

Do you know the TV game show named “Let’s Make A Deal”?  It features a simple gimmick that plays into people’s desire.

The host shows the contestant three curtains.  He then invites the contestant to choose one.  Behind one there might be a new car; behind another a fantastic vacation package; behind another something totally worthless.  And of course, the contestant doesn’t know which is which.  He or she just has to gamble that the choice made will be the right one.

Well, a long time ago God and a king named Solomon had a little conversation.  But it was no game show.  It was real life.  And God told the newly crowned king, “Ask for whatever you want me to give you.”

Solomon could have asked for a long reign; a beautiful queen; a mighty army; even more wealth than he already had – anything.

What did he choose?  He asked for wisdom.

Discernment – that’s what he wanted more than anything – the ability to govern wisely.  And that request was one that God was pleased to grant.

Even to this day, Solomon is known as being the wisest of rulers.

You and I are likely not faced with such mammoth possibilities.  But the idea of choosing carefully is still an important principle for us to apply in our own lives.

Every day we are faced with so many decisions; so many choices.

Doesn’t it make sense to ask for one thing above all?  Doesn’t it make sense to ask for God’s abiding wisdom to guide us in all the rest of our decisions, large and small?

It’s no game show.  It’s real life.  And making the wrong choices can be disastrous.  So choose carefully.  Choose wisdom.

Prayer: Lord, like Solomon, grant me wisdom that all I do may be pleasing in your sight.  AMEN.   

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